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Ugh, it's the worst day of the year, aka, the first day back from the holidays where you sit down to write your to-do list of all that shit you've been putting off because fuck it, it was the holidays, and realize how much you have to do and how much it sucks. My list mostly involves making lots of frustrating phone-tag calls to people I don't really want to have to call in the first place because I know the answers they're going to give me are going to spawn about eight more things I have to do, doing chores I've been putting off forever (picking up messes, various stages of laundry, dishes), and fussing over a short story idea I had that was (gasp) in no way related to fandom, and therefore may be actually publishable or shareable with my parents, who always say they want to read my fanfiction, but who I have completely banned from doing so, because as much as no boundaries exist in my family, there are a few, dude. Really.

Oh, the glamorous life of a part-time blogger, part-time student, full-time writer who will probably end up being so poor I live with my parents until I die because I am struggling with my "craft".

On the plus side, CBS in all their infinite wisdom is immediately jumping back into Hawaii 5-0 episodes with none of this January hiatus madness. Of course this means a long, painful hiatus later (god I am so obnoxious to be around when I'm cranky, can someone punch me?), but for now let's focus on the awesome - ten hours until a new episode which, by virtue of being an episode of Hawaii 5-0, will be chock full of badassery and homoeroticism - two of my favorite things in the world! Also, A NOTE TO ANYONE WHO WATCHES HAWAII 5-0 LIVE DURING EASTERN STANDARD TIME - want to livechat with me? I have AIM and GChat and it involves a lot of keymashing, inability to turn off my capslock, and snarky one-liners. GOOD TIMES. LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE UP FOR IT.

Speaking of gayness and Hawaii, Scott and Alex, what are you doing. What, what, what are you doing. Buying surfboards together?! Could you be any more married? I'm trying to refrain from further delving into RPS, but when you go surfboard shopping together in addition to all your other various shenanigans, it makes it very difficult for my brain to take, okay?

And now, to do dishes. Woo... hoo. Though before I go - for those of you wondering, last night, even though I was tired and didn't want to? Brushed my teeth. Like a boss.
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