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Blergh. I have been feeling a little under the weather and consequently not had the best of weeks, which is why I propose we ignore than and instead focus on SIX THINGS THAT MAKE ME REALLY SUPER HAPPY:

ONE: [ profile] puckling sent me a link to this game called Entanglement which I am ALL SORTS OF OBSESSED WITH and seriously, best timesuck ever. It took me less than 24 hours of playing to start screencapping when I did well and e-mailing her with attachments entitled HAHASUCKIT.jpg. Because I am a mature human being.

TWO: There is a new mouser at 10 Downing! If you understand why I find this so exciting, congrats, chances are you are in the Merlin fandom. If you do not understand, it's a long, fic-related story, but it can also be summed up by CAT IN ENGLAND HOLDS GOVERNMENT POSITION: COUNTRY REMAINS AWESOME IF SLIGHTLY STRANGE AND INBRED.

THREE: Not only is Colin Morgan the prettiest tortured boy in the world, but alksjdflksdj this account of him dealing with autograph scalpers. BE MORE ADORABLE, MY DARLING, I DARE YOU.

FOUR: Speaking of things I want from England, I am in desperate need of owning this commemorative William & Kate condoms for reasons of sheer hilarity, but I cannot figure out how to explain the credit card charge to my mother. BUT I NEED THEM. AUGH CONUNDRUMS.

Though seriously, the website is pretty lulzy enough all on its own.

FIVE: It's really a good thing I'm not famous and going to the Oscars, because now I'm all torn because it's fashion week again and jeebus cripes, but I do love Monique Lhuillier collection. Especially the dress pictured on the bottom left. SO MANY GREEK-INSPIRED DRESSES I WANT TO WEAR, SO LITTLE TIME.

SIX: MY GERBILS ARE SUPER-CUTE. That's the part that makes me happy. The part that makes me unhappy is that apparently one of you has been giving Gusgus secret ninja training skills, because he managed to sneak out of the cage even when I was watching, without my knowledge. I kept thinking I heard him, but I'd been up all night fretting over one thing or another and I was exhausted,so I figured it was just me being paranoid again when I swore I heard his paws, since I thought I had seen him in the cage, and so I laid down for an hour and a half nap. Only when I woke up, I still thought I heard him, so I checked the cage again and surprise! It wasn't Gus, it was a shadow. Gus had found the way to crawl inside the couch through the hole in the back and had to be lured out by avocado. He's now on strict probation and only allowed couch runs in shot bursts under my extreme supervision, which is making him a little cranky. BUT THAT IS WHAT YOU GET FOR MAKING YOUR MAMA WORRY, GUSGUS. SUCK IT UP.

It does, however, make for an awesome story in retrospect.
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So I know I said I was going to have my ~ultimate both parts of the finale~ Merlin recap on Wednesday. AND I MEANT FOR THAT TO BE TRUE. But then on Thursday I was busy because I had a doctor's appointment and work, which I didn't finish. And then I was like "oh, well, I'll finish the column Friday morning!", except I forgot something: lately I've been sleeping like shit. I can't get my brain to turn off until like for or five in the morning, at which point it will ONLY shut off and I will fall asleep if I leave my laptop on and playing a television show. (Most weirdly specific insomnia ever?!) And then my alarm goes off at ten every morning - partially so I don't sleep the day away, but mostly because I've found if I don't take my medications by ten than the ADD stuff will keep me awake. Irony! But I've talked to my mom and consulted various doctors before about how to fall asleep easier at night, since it's always been a problem, and everything I've looked up says you need to set a schedule for yourself, including what time you wake up. Which I do! It just doesn't seem to be working.

The point is, I'm operating on very, very little sleep and the column took me the entire day to write. It was actually sort of traumatic and involved tears because I was so frustrated and really insanely overtired (I think in the past three days I've gotten maybe 15 hours of sleep?) Which is actually ironic, because the article was on the latest episode of Bones where Brennan also, like, doesn't sleep. LIFE, ART, BLAH BLAH BLAH. The point is, I'll get to it. Eventually. I'm not exactly worried, though, because is there ever going to be a point where you all are like "no, I really don't feel like getting excited over Merlin and Arthur's big gay love"??? I THINK NOT.


Involves pictures, cut to save your friendslist. )

This is important enough to leave outside of a cut, so - I am not doing the Holiday Love Meme. I'm just... not a fan of love memes. They make me feel increasingly awkward. If you want to leave me some love, you are welcome to do it in this entry or really, at any time of the year without having even the slightest patina of an excuse. If you were really looking forward to what I was going to write about you or for any reason feel your holiday season would be improved by me verbally validating our totally awesome e-bond, please consider this my open invitation to request just such a thing without being judged even the teeniest of tiny bits.

...and now I'm going to take a nap like a motherfucking boss.
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(before I post about Merlin tomorrow)

I watched the Women of SNL special and it was generally funny because they showed the best clips, but I think the thing that made me laugh the hardest was Amy Poehler's Sharon Osbourne impersonation. Not because it was the best impersonation ever (though it was pretty amazing), it's because of the dog. She has this little Pomeranian she's holding and waving all over the place like it's a stuffed animal and shaking it, and that dog is totally nonplussed. It's just looking calmly at the camera like "yes, and?" and she's SHAKING IT EVERYWHERE. I have no idea why I'm so entertained by this dog, but I watched the entire two hour special and that dog made me laugh harder than I've laughed in weeks. Even thinking about it makes me giggle. That dog! I can't. I can't even.

Is something wrong with me?

According to some dude on Twitter, Bradley James was gallivanting around LA this Halloween dressed up as a Ghostbuster. This guy could be totally full of it, I don't know. And you know what, I don't care. It makes me love Bradley more than I ALREADY DID, regardless of if it's true or not. If it's true, that's amazing. If it's not true, I love the fact that Bradley is exactly the type of person I would believe would dress up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween, and that just makes him a special snowflake.

Oh, the limbs I would sacrifice for pictures of this.

Some wrap-up from the Rally to Restore Sanity - if you haven't seen Jon Stewart's sincere closing remarks, GO WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW. They are great and true and insightful. I mean, it's a little unfair to the extreme left, I think, since the extreme right is where you get people who are theological extremists and want to wage war on everyone and damn your rights to hell, and the worst the extreme left ever wants to do is tax you a lot and make you go through red tape. Oooh, scary. Also, the 100 greatest signs from the rally. And seriously, they're GREAT.


You know who else is great? BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. I mean, his name is already the greatest name in the history of names, but he's been doing some great stuff lately. Like this live chat he did for PBS in which we learn he's amazing, adorable, hilarious, articulate, and oh, I love him. Also, there's these new pictures. I can't tell if I'm terrified of him or vaguely attracted to him. EITHER WAY I LOVE HIM.

I found a gerbil adoption agency in the next town over! They say they have new pups coming and should be ready by late November. I think I've decided on names, so it should be less than a month until you all are regaled with pictures and tales of Messrs. Gus and Baxter.

THIS DRESS IS SO FUCKING AMAZING I WANT TO DIE. If only I had $150 to, you know, spend on a dress I don't need and have nowhere to wear.

Edit, or Seven!
So sometimes while I'm winding down for bed I turn on the music video channel, which is doing a promo for Rock Band 3 that's a playlist full of featured songs. One of them is The Cure's Just Like Heaven, which in its original form I hate, but it reminded me of this cover, which once again proves that a song can be a truly terrible thing, but almost any song can be saved by a skillful cover. God, I love this cover:

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Guys, are you ready to hear something shocking? Ready? Are you sitting down?


Shocking, right? I bet none of you who have ever spoken to me would guess such a closely guarded secret!

Anyway, because I love Colin, I stare a him a lot. And in staring at him, I noticed that the way he smiles at one Bradley James is not the way he smiles at other people. Which is a fact I mention a lot, and eventually people kept going OMG REALLY SHOW ME. And I was like "WELL, IF YOU INSIST". So I present to you my magnum opus of great genius:

Who can turn the world on with his smile? )
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