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Bonjourno, bitches!

Guys, you know what I wish someone had told me? REAL LIFE IS BORING. I don't know how people who don't have fandom do it! I don't know how I would have lived with the sheer monotony of daily existance if I lived in a pre-internet world! This is what my life, sans internet, looked like this week:

1. Shovel snow
2. Do dishes
3. Choose class and go to it, class is boring, decide to stick it out anyway
4. Do more dishes
5. Write two articles for work
6. Go to dentist, am in intense pain which leads to an excruciating headache
7. Shovel more snow
8. Feed neighbor's cats
9. Do more dishes

Thankfully for everyone, the internet exists, and with it, DELIGHTFUL THINGS, so let's discuss some things that delighted me this week instead of real life, because real life is boring.

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(before I post about Merlin tomorrow)

I watched the Women of SNL special and it was generally funny because they showed the best clips, but I think the thing that made me laugh the hardest was Amy Poehler's Sharon Osbourne impersonation. Not because it was the best impersonation ever (though it was pretty amazing), it's because of the dog. She has this little Pomeranian she's holding and waving all over the place like it's a stuffed animal and shaking it, and that dog is totally nonplussed. It's just looking calmly at the camera like "yes, and?" and she's SHAKING IT EVERYWHERE. I have no idea why I'm so entertained by this dog, but I watched the entire two hour special and that dog made me laugh harder than I've laughed in weeks. Even thinking about it makes me giggle. That dog! I can't. I can't even.

Is something wrong with me?

According to some dude on Twitter, Bradley James was gallivanting around LA this Halloween dressed up as a Ghostbuster. This guy could be totally full of it, I don't know. And you know what, I don't care. It makes me love Bradley more than I ALREADY DID, regardless of if it's true or not. If it's true, that's amazing. If it's not true, I love the fact that Bradley is exactly the type of person I would believe would dress up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween, and that just makes him a special snowflake.

Oh, the limbs I would sacrifice for pictures of this.

Some wrap-up from the Rally to Restore Sanity - if you haven't seen Jon Stewart's sincere closing remarks, GO WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW. They are great and true and insightful. I mean, it's a little unfair to the extreme left, I think, since the extreme right is where you get people who are theological extremists and want to wage war on everyone and damn your rights to hell, and the worst the extreme left ever wants to do is tax you a lot and make you go through red tape. Oooh, scary. Also, the 100 greatest signs from the rally. And seriously, they're GREAT.


You know who else is great? BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. I mean, his name is already the greatest name in the history of names, but he's been doing some great stuff lately. Like this live chat he did for PBS in which we learn he's amazing, adorable, hilarious, articulate, and oh, I love him. Also, there's these new pictures. I can't tell if I'm terrified of him or vaguely attracted to him. EITHER WAY I LOVE HIM.

I found a gerbil adoption agency in the next town over! They say they have new pups coming and should be ready by late November. I think I've decided on names, so it should be less than a month until you all are regaled with pictures and tales of Messrs. Gus and Baxter.

THIS DRESS IS SO FUCKING AMAZING I WANT TO DIE. If only I had $150 to, you know, spend on a dress I don't need and have nowhere to wear.

Edit, or Seven!
So sometimes while I'm winding down for bed I turn on the music video channel, which is doing a promo for Rock Band 3 that's a playlist full of featured songs. One of them is The Cure's Just Like Heaven, which in its original form I hate, but it reminded me of this cover, which once again proves that a song can be a truly terrible thing, but almost any song can be saved by a skillful cover. God, I love this cover:

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Happy Sunday morning, everyone! Were you using that spot next to you? No? Good, because here is my brain, and I'm going to dump it RIIIIIGHT there.


So I totally hated Ellie Goulding based on Starry-Eyed and was like WHATEVER, but then I heard this song in some fanvid that honesty I don't even remember anymore:

J'ADORE. It's such a perfect Arthur/Eames song (or really any ship in Inception, let's not lie) and goes with a fic idea I've been wanting to write for them, but I'm sort of flailing on how to even start, because like all my ideas it's all ~epic relationship exploration~ instead of just a nice, 5K bit of fluff or porn like everyone probably would prefer. Also, I have this random idea that I also want to have a companion piece from Yusuf's point of view, which would require a LOT of research because my knowledge of chemistry/Kenya/Yusuf's ethnicity (he's Muslim, I think? I think someone referred to him as "Desi"? I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, GUYS. I mean, I know there are Muslims in that part of Africa because of trade and I paid attention in ninth grade history, but therein ends my knowledge) is pretty nil. Also I really want to finish that Merlin/Inception mashup I started for [ profile] cherrybina's necking meme ages ago, only it seems it's going to have zero necking in it, because I defy authority or some shit. Also, it went and decided it needed to develop a plot, but I have no fucking clue what the plot is supposed to be. AUGH MY LIFE.

Also, I feel sort of bad because so many people are like OH NO PEOPLE ARE LEAVING MERLIN FOR INCEPTION and blah blah JEALOUSY. And honestly, I'm not. I've also got a Sherlock fic I outlined before realizing there simply was not enough source material in three episodes to write it. It'll probably get filled in once they actually make more episodes. I actually do have a lot of ideas for Merlin fic, but I've found I hate writing during the season, because inevitably the next episode will air and totally ruin everything I've written and it DRIVES ME CRAZY. I'd prefer not to finish anything until the season is over, thank you, and instead twiddle my thumbs finishing Inception fics because new canon won't keep being added for the sole purpose of MAKING ME CRY.

In conclusion, yesterday [ profile] franticsga noticed that Merlin and Ariadne are sartorial soulmates, and then I made some demands, and now I really want them filled. I'm maybe a little sad no one filled my Silly Bands prompt.

BLAH BLAH MORE THOUGHTS. Including but not limited to - porn, Bradley James as a superhero, Katy Perry's boobs, my thoughts on parenting, and more! Oh, wheeee. )
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So for those of you who don't know or live under rocks or what-the-fuck-ever, I'm really amazingly picky about soundtracks to things. Like, really, really, really picky. Not only does it have to sound right, the lyrics have to be right. And not just one verse, all the lyrics. Or almost all of them. Because yeah, I'm really that big of a snob over soundtracks and yes, I do judge people negatively when they do not live up to my soundtrack standards. I have no idea why I'm so hardcore about soundtracks as opposed to say, morals, but I am. I think I judge people more negatively for making bad soundtracks than I do for them running over kittens, which is a pretty sad statement on my value system. It makes me mildly ashamed of myself.

Anyways, so back when I watched Juno and I, of course, loved it, I was really disappointed to not love the soundtrack. I mean, I loved about a quarter of the songs, but it wasn't right in a way I couldn't name. The lyrics were wrong and the sound was slightly off and it just wasn't right and it ticked me the hell off. So naturally, I decided, fuck the fact that there are not one but two Juno soundtracks (officially). I am going to make a third one. And furthermore, my third one will be awesome. Potentially the awesomest of all three soundtracks.

Also, it gave me an excuse to create a mix that was really super indie just for the hell of it, which, hello, I love to do.

Massive, huge, amazingly heartfelt thanks go to [ profile] jlowe64, for giving me the Juno soundtrack in the first place, always listening to my bitching, and pointing me in the direction of whatever font or song I came whining to him about missing, [ profile] whisperwords for being my wifey and listening to my pretentious ranting and pretending thinking it was hilarious, [ profile] evergleam83 for giving me XOXO, Panda, [ profile] paintmarks for beta-listening to the soundtrack back in the day when it was totally different and assuring me it was awesome, even though I ended up changing it completely, and to [ profile] lunapluvia, for being my sibling-in-arms of twee indie asshattery, for introducing me to and subsequently sending me the entire Math & Physics Club CD, and, yet again, for listening to my ridiculous ranting.

Also, I would like to state for the record (record, hah! I'm hilarious), that I'm immensely pleased with how the cover art turned out and how I ended up not using brown and various derivatives of the color of really attractive poo. Go me! I feel I've grown as a human being.

The Year In Review - An(other) Alternative Juno Soundtrack )
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I don't even know, you guys. I was just listening to my iPod while shopping for Melly's Christmas present and all of a sudden my brain went "FANMIX! FANMIX! MAKE A HEROES FANMIX!" and I was like "What?!" and my brain WOULD NOT LET IT GO. So I went home and made this fanmix in under 24 hours. When it usually takes me MONTHS or YEARS to make one. And it's for a character I'm not even that obsessed with! I mean, yeah, I like Elle, but it's not like the same as when I see Hiro or Nathan or Noah and I start flailing even if they don't DO anything because I LOVE THEM SO HARD. Pretty much the only thing that differentiates Elle from everyone else on the show is how ridiculously pretty Kristen Bell is. And that doesn't even have anything to do with her character! But nevertheless I found myself all of yesterday churning this puppy out. I was going for a sort of creepy-grungy-rock-electronica-sexy sort of thing. I have no idea if I achieved it. But I do know it's fun to listen to and the lyrics fit, which is what matters.

But in conclusion, I repeat - I just don't know. The less I try to understand my creative process, the happier I end up being.

I'd Rather Misbehave - An Elle Bishop Fanmix )
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Before We Get Started; Compiler's Notes (aka, you may scroll past these, I will not hold it against you)


So a caveat on this mix - I have never compiled a soundtrack so fast in my entire life. If you've never met me during the process of making a mix, I agonize over it. I literally have a Brokeback Mountain mix sitting on my computer that hasn't changed in years, but I cannot post it because, in my gut, it is not right. And I can't explain it. I am extremely meticulous and compulsive with my mixes. It usually shows. I also, usually, am extremely snobby when it comes to music as far as a mix goes. For me it's not enough for some of the lyrics to make sense, most of the lyrics must make sense. And on top of that, it must be the right sound. You would, not, for instance, make a Rainbow Brite soundtrack with Metallica. Even if the lyrics were perfect. It just doesn't work like that. Normally my test is "Would the characters listen to this? If yes, good, if not, delete it."

This mix has, against all odds, birthed itself whole and wailing to be posted. Remus Lupin would probably listen to two of these songs, if he listened to muggle music at all. It follows almost none of the golden rules I have made for myself in regards to a finished fanmix, and yet, [ profile] fanmix was having a theme contest and I just couldn't resist. Though I did wait until the very last minute to post it. Duh. Instead of my usual method, I chose songs based on creating a mood, not based on the character. I wanted a mix that made perfect lyrical sense but had a very old, nostalgic, bittersweet, sort of faded yellow-and-scarlet feel to them. I wanted them to sound dusty and heartbroken and woodsy and sad, which naturally translated into "sensitive indie people on guitars". Which, yeah, okay, wasn't that much of a stretch for me. Anyways, while this is labeled a Remus mix, it very much has an implied "...and Sirius" bent to it. It is not by accident that a lot of these songs give a sense of "I'm with someone else and you're gone but that doesn't mean I don't still love you mostest." Because that's how I read the books. It just is. And don't ask me to explain the last song - the lyrics, to me, are like "omg yay happy puppies in the afterlife!", except I realize that it's totally just me. WHATEVER.

In conclusion, this mix is dedicated entirely to [ profile] missmary for cajoling, encouraging, beating, suggesting music, and mostly being awesome me while I was agonizing. Everything remotely good about this mix is her doing. Everything bad about this mix is entirely my fault. True story.

Also, I know the moon kind of goes the other direction. Call it artistic lisence. Or come up with some deep meaning like about the backwardness of Lupin's life in relation to the moon. It'll earn you bonus points in life.

And The Dead Are All Living - A Mix For Remus Lupin During the Second War )
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Well, it took me eight hours, but I finally finished the (un)Official Veronica Mars soundtrack for season 1. What took me eight hours was not making the track list, that's been sitting around as a labor of love for a rather long time - it was making the cover art. I hate cover art. It seems so simple, but in fact it is the devil incarnate. Anyways, the art is very simple, and totally did not take me eight hours, but my creative process needs some help. Or speed. I tried to make the music as true to the kind of music used in the actual show, and I may or may not have failed.

And no matter how much you ask, I will never, ever, ever make a .zip file. I hate .zip files. If someone else wants to make a .zip file, they can. Though if that person is you, you need a life. Just saying.

Veronica Mars Season One - The (un)Official Soundtrack )

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