Feb. 18th, 2011

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Blergh. I have been feeling a little under the weather and consequently not had the best of weeks, which is why I propose we ignore than and instead focus on SIX THINGS THAT MAKE ME REALLY SUPER HAPPY:

ONE: [livejournal.com profile] puckling sent me a link to this game called Entanglement which I am ALL SORTS OF OBSESSED WITH and seriously, best timesuck ever. It took me less than 24 hours of playing to start screencapping when I did well and e-mailing her with attachments entitled HAHASUCKIT.jpg. Because I am a mature human being.

TWO: There is a new mouser at 10 Downing! If you understand why I find this so exciting, congrats, chances are you are in the Merlin fandom. If you do not understand, it's a long, fic-related story, but it can also be summed up by CAT IN ENGLAND HOLDS GOVERNMENT POSITION: COUNTRY REMAINS AWESOME IF SLIGHTLY STRANGE AND INBRED.

THREE: Not only is Colin Morgan the prettiest tortured boy in the world, but alksjdflksdj this account of him dealing with autograph scalpers. BE MORE ADORABLE, MY DARLING, I DARE YOU.

FOUR: Speaking of things I want from England, I am in desperate need of owning this commemorative William & Kate condoms for reasons of sheer hilarity, but I cannot figure out how to explain the credit card charge to my mother. BUT I NEED THEM. AUGH CONUNDRUMS.

Though seriously, the website is pretty lulzy enough all on its own.

FIVE: It's really a good thing I'm not famous and going to the Oscars, because now I'm all torn because it's fashion week again and jeebus cripes, but I do love Monique Lhuillier collection. Especially the dress pictured on the bottom left. SO MANY GREEK-INSPIRED DRESSES I WANT TO WEAR, SO LITTLE TIME.

SIX: MY GERBILS ARE SUPER-CUTE. That's the part that makes me happy. The part that makes me unhappy is that apparently one of you has been giving Gusgus secret ninja training skills, because he managed to sneak out of the cage even when I was watching, without my knowledge. I kept thinking I heard him, but I'd been up all night fretting over one thing or another and I was exhausted,so I figured it was just me being paranoid again when I swore I heard his paws, since I thought I had seen him in the cage, and so I laid down for an hour and a half nap. Only when I woke up, I still thought I heard him, so I checked the cage again and surprise! It wasn't Gus, it was a shadow. Gus had found the way to crawl inside the couch through the hole in the back and had to be lured out by avocado. He's now on strict probation and only allowed couch runs in shot bursts under my extreme supervision, which is making him a little cranky. BUT THAT IS WHAT YOU GET FOR MAKING YOUR MAMA WORRY, GUSGUS. SUCK IT UP.

It does, however, make for an awesome story in retrospect.


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