Mar. 15th, 2011

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Dropping by to say three things:

ONE! Ugh, I've been so regrettably absent, you guys, I'm sorry. If you're on my friendslist, I'll explain details in a locked post later, but for the general public, I am attempting to be an adult more and that means figuring out how to be creative and make money, and it is highly exhausting. I still read you all! I just am like UGH AND NOW I HAVE TO WRITE AN LJ POST? FUCK THAT NOISE.

TWO! New default icon! Because Alberto Vargas loved redheads, and I love him.

THREE! Bradley James is on twitter! My feelings can be described in the following manner:

If I don't have at least one picture of Angel/Katie/Colin making a GTFO face at him or various blurred falling limbs that are posted within the time of filming (probably with the caption "guess who didn't want their photo taken!") or like a bazillion of him and his knights in various herp derp poses, I will both a) surprised and b) DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED. DON'T LET ME DOWN, MY FAVORITE PUPPY WHOSE WISH WAS GRANTED AND GOT TURNED INTO A REAL BOY.

(Also, this should go without saying but fandom? Be cool. He's a real person with real feelings, and he's allowed to have a private life, just like we are allowed to, in our corners of the internet, create self-indulgent fiction in regards to said private life. And while I (obviously) am a huge fan of private speculation, it doesn't need to be shoved in his face. I mean, you could, but why would you? Does it actually achieve anything besides making everyone involved uncomfortable? Not really. So just... don't be a douche.)


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